Upcoming Projects


Mono Rail

Negara Infracon is in initial talks with some states in India and is committed to provide the highest standard of mono & metro rail. Keeping in mind the commitment, Negara Infraconwill ensure that designs and operations will be done with a professional approach and safety margin. Not to mention Escalators with several safety devices like unique sari guards, jerk free smooth movement of steps, detection of missing steps to passengers. Emergency stop Switch on both ends. Coach safety being equally important such as, Automatic doors with detection of hurries exit or entry while door closure. New and Special features and materials are used to prevent fire.

Solar Power

The scarcity of Power in India has driven Negara Infracon towards planning for power projects in various states in the country. Some states have shown interest for Solar Power.

It is obvious that Negara Infracon will participate and contribute to the power generation in India. It is likely that Negara Infracon will get into a BOT project shortly.


With the first feather in the cap, Negara Infracon has marched ahead to initiate talks for its second contract for a pipeline which will also transport water for irrigation of fertile land in central India. It is expected to irrigate about 2500 hectors of land with this infrastructure.