Sub-Contactor Registration

Terms & Conditions

  1. This process of registration is for Sub-Contractors of the following categories:
    1. Labour Contracts :
      1. Labour Contracts(Labour Supply)
      2. Labour Contracts(Piece Rate Work)
    2. Other than Labour Contractors :
      1. Sub-contractor with labour, materials and / or equipment
      2. Sub-Contractor for P&M maintenance
      3. Sub-Contractor for Hiring out equipment
      4. Sub-Contractor for transport of materials, P&M and Personnel
  2. This process of registration is also for Site Suppliers, C&F agencies
  3. If you are willing to get registered with us then please go through the login process carefully, and follow the instructions for filling in the application given hereafter.
  4. The mandatory fields (marked in red) must be filled in.
  5. You will be given a REFERENCE NUMBER for future reference after submission of your application.