Mahesh Bulsaria

Mr. Mahesh Bulsaria

Mr. Mahesh Bulsaria In the year 1975, after completing his graduate degree in Commerce (B.Com), Mr. Mahesh Bulsaria went to Hong Kong and joined an export company Hiralal Brothers HK Ltd. He resigned after four and a half years time from the designation of branch manager and returned back to India. Thereafter, he started the business of exporting agricultural goods that India had a competitive advantage in.

After seven years, Mr. Bulsaria ventured into the famous Indian film industry and started his own film production company. In the year 2005, he further diversified and started Matex (I) Inc. for garment export and Tara Corporation for export incentive credit trading.


Mr. N.J.Mirza

In the year 1982, Mr. N.J.Mirza graduated with a B.Com. degree from the University of Lucknow. He continued his education to secure a Diploma in Electrical Engineering and also took a Diploma in Health and Safety. During this period, he ventured into the business of Electrical Contracting & Civil Construction through his company Aeon Electricals. The next twenty years saw Aeon Electricals becoming one of the leading companies in the state of Uttar Pradesh to provide its services for all government projects.

In the year 2000, he relocated and set up business in London, United Kingdom under the name of Euro Development UK Ltd. to get an international exposure and increase the global footprint of his business activities. Mr. Mirza after a long and successful business career of almost twenty five years has decided to focus all his attention towards the growth of Negara.


Ashok Bulsaria

Mr. Ashok Bulsaria

Mr Ashok Bulsaria has graduated from Bangalore University and holds the 1st Rank in the State of Karnataka for Printing Technology in the year 1977. While he was still a student he ventured out with his own printing press under the name of NUMA Printers in Bangalore.

In the year 1981 he took up agriculture as a hobby and developed a farm of about 54 acres. The hobby soon turned into business and he ventured out in fruits and flowers. Not stopping at this, he took up plant nursery. He found that the need to improve water usage in agriculture was vital and he started creating solutions to farmers. This has paved the path and vision to enter in a field of irrigation and infrastructure. His immense knowledge, experience and the baseline of the company had attracted him towards joining.


Ashish Karhana

Mr. Ashish Karhana

A graduate from the University of Delhi, Ashish has a background of business and is in the field of Infrastructural works for three generations. He succeeded his father and now has joined Negara Infracon Private Limited as a director who will be charge of all Earth Work related contract. His vast knowledge and experience in the field is a asset to the company. As a young lad he as been very active which has resulted in his entrepreneurship.


Bipin Vernekar

Mr. Bipin Vernekar

Mr. Bipin Vernekar has joined Negara to assist and facilitate as the head coordinator to bring in world class companies that have the best technical knowhow and can execute at high levels in the Indian context. Though Australasia and BRICS has been his familiar terrain, Mr. Vernekar maintains a global footprint through his immense network with the local governments across the world and with international investors both institutional and individual.